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July 7, 2002

Reference:  SAF-T ROUND by Safe Tech, Inc

To Whom It May Concern:

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), which was formed in 1983, provides contemporary information and specialized training to over 40,000 law enforcement officers throughout the United States, Canada and internationally.  One of its most important projects is its “Safe Today-Alive Tomorrow” officer safety awareness program.

Over the last three years four police officers have died at the hands of other officers during training.  These deaths occurred during agency sponsored training, not NTOA training.  The primary cause of these deaths was the introduction of live rounds into the training environment during reality based training.

The NTOA has trained over 7000 police officers in the past five years and has an impeccable safety record.  However, even with our sound safety protocols and procedures, we needed to add an additional safety mechanism to ensure the safety of our students.

The SAF-T-ROUND has been adopted by the NTOA and introduced into its training.  This product provides a visual and mechanical block eliminating the possibility of live rounds being introduced into a weapon used for training.

In closing, I would urge your organization to use all available means to ensure officers safety during training and the SAF-T-ROUND by Safe Tech, Inc is one product that will help you meet your safety goals.



Larry Glick
Executive Director

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